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Currently, the Foreign Exchange Market (also known as FX or Currency Market) is the largest market in the whole world in terms of trading volume which exceeds 5$ trillion daily turnover. Because of its volatility, many individual and institutional investors are focusing on profiting from the price fluctuations caused by various economic and political factors. Being a successful trader is not an easy task and requires a perfect combination of skills and knowledge about the correct usage of technical and fundamental analysis.

In order to minimize the risks associated with potential loss in forex trading, many investors prefer working closely with market experts who would trade on their behalf. One of the most profitable firms offering services of this sort is I2 Investments – a modern alternative investments direct dealer.


I2 Investments is an Alternative Investments Direct Dealer that trades on the behalf of its clients and deals solely with alternative investment classes. Essentially, they provide clients with a platform and the opportunity to invest their funds directly into Top FX, Gold, Silver, Oil as well as other major alternative asset classes. With a total of 35 analysts, account managers and software developers, I2 investments main goal has always been to maximize clients’ profits through various proprietary strategies and analysis while ensuring low risk on investment.

The company has been established in 2013 because of the huge demand for investments on financial instruments different than the investment opportunities available in the areas of Real estate, indices or stocks.

I2 Investments is a true hybrid STP brokerage firm which aims at providing top-notch Asset Management services to both retail and institutional clientele. In essence, this allows the firm to provide prime brokerage liquidity and access to over dozen exchanges.

I2 Investments pays particular attention to the financial security of its clients’ funds. Thus, it is important to mention that they are regulated by BDC FSA and keep the funds of its clients in segregated accounts. What is more, the company follows strict verification procedures for all accounts complying with all regulatory rules.

How I2 Investments works?

I2 Investments claims to have developed a successful proprietary strategy over the last 20 years using a combination of different technical systems as well as news fundamentals. Clients’ accounts are constantly being monitored by at least 2 experts of the analyst team ensuring profitable trading activity.

Moreover, it is important to mention that I2 Investments trading methodology brings a constant 10-25% on average monthly profits for the last three years. This could be verified by their successful track record available here.

When and how trades are being executed?

A successful combination of technical and fundamental analysis is being used by a team of seasoned market professionals ensuring that the most profitable trading decisions have been made. In particular, for entering and exiting a trade I2 Investments experts use technical analysis. At the same time, when focusing on long-term price fluctuations they claim to be mostly using fundamental analysis.

On average, between three to seven trades are being executed on a daily bases. Although, I2 Investments has a more aggressive trading approach, leverage is being carefully used making sure it complies with all money management principles.

Account types

I2 Investments offers 3 main account types:

Silver account– Minimum deposit 3000 EUR and 15% performance fee of Net profits.

Gold account– Minimum deposit 10,000 EUR and 10% performance fee of Net profits. This account type also offers a personal account manager and Trader conference call access.

Diamond account– Minimum deposit 25,000 EUR and 10% performance fee of Net profits. Apart from account manager and Trader conference call access, this account also offers a complimentary invitation to annual investor meeting as well as in-person meeting by appointment year-round.

All account types offer 24-hour support via chat, email, phone, and Skype. Withdrawal of funds can be requested any time via bank wire and takes up to 24 hours to be processed. Apart from that, it is important to mention that there is no account opening or management fees. Moreover, there are no trade commission or spread mark-ups.

Trading results

We have been able to observe that I2 Investments have steady trading gains for the last 3 years. Most importantly, they had only 3 losing months for the past 38 months which additionally can prove their commitment towards ensuring constant profits to their clients. The worst drown-down was experienced back in August 2015 while their best month is at the impressive 36.25%. Overall, this would be averaging at 18.21% monthly profits. I2 Investments winning trade percentage is at 76% and can be observed of going steadily higher.

Long-term goals

I2 Investments claims to be currently managing over 23 million Euros. It can be noticed that the company definitely focuses on long-term relationship with its clients ensuring all their needs are being satisfied at all times. As part of their global expansion and constant growth, I2 Investments plans of going into a fully-fledged financial institution within the next 5 years (managing more than 100 million Euros for both retail and institutional clients).


By no doubt, I2 Investments is one of the most profitable investment funds available today. They are a Modern Alternative Investment Fund with a clear vision, integrity and flexibility. Their principles and client-oriented approach have helped them establish themselves as an honest and transparent leader in the industry. Last but not least, being a regulated firm using segregated accounts has made I2 Investments even more preferable choice for retail and institutional clients.  Our team definitely recommends I2 Investments to all clients wishing to maximize their profits while reducing the risks of potential loss.

Name I2 Investments
Website https://iiinvestments.com
Founded 2013
E-mail support@iiinvestments.com
Skype support@iiinvestments.com
Telephone +43 1 2297409
Office hours 24 hours a day
Regulation BDC


I2 Investments Review- Modern Alternative Investment Fund
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